ECHO is a new website and app that offers users the ability to purchase, host, download and stream contents (MP3s). Today, we provide a variety of audio adaptations of contents provided by some of Cambodia’s top book publishing companies including Mindbook and Cambodia’s Publishing and Distribution House.



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    You can make tasks and chores more enjoyable with ECHO.

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    You can save up on your phone battery and data via ECHO

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    It costs nothing to share your passion with the rest of the world on our ECHO platform.

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    You can take notes on our ECHO audio player.



Everyone should have a chance to let their voice be heard.


Provide “the” optimal MP3 platform for our users’ voice and passion to be heard.


Our in-house team is responsible for the creation of our original content, as well as the day to day operation of our company. Our company is founded by Nitor TY. Especially responsible for the company’s daily performance is none other than our General Manager, Channita PHON. Assisting her, and also responsible for our financial achievement is Thyralyda LENG. Our in-house content creation team is led by Snar PEA, and is further guided by top Cambodian vocal performer Ms. Davy SIM and Dara SUM.

Much of our accomplishments would not be possible without the help of GIANTFOCUS Co., Ltd. (, one of Cambodia’s top website creator, who is responsible for the development of our ECHO platform. GIANTFOCUS, led by General Manager Bangsong BY, Cambodia’s top digital expert, design, develop and optimize websites, as well as increase sales through tactical digital marketing activities.​ Other members of the GIANTFOCUS team who worked on this project include Sengly THY, Tyra IN, Bunheng LY, Kimheng MAO, Porchaing HEN, Chenda NHOEM, Yuthanea HAS and Kimsoer VOERN.

Special thanks also go to Joe OGDEN for his design and consultation-related contributions.

We’d also like to thank MindBook, particularly Ms. Lida KUM. We also share a similar level of gratitude for the Publishing and Distribution House. We’d like to especially thank Mr. Rithy SOK, Mr. Chanthy​ SIM and Mr. Sathya CHUM.